Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Year in Review. My Year in the future.

Here are some choice moments from this last year:

1. My ex-husband shot himself with a nail gun.
2. I went to an Obama rally, and froze my ass off.
3. I came to fully realize my mad love for Rick Beach, which I confessed in an assignment for class.
4. Lisa and I made a touching video.
5. I gave my dog up for adoption.
6. I got naked in the front seat of a car.
7. I played kickball and made a video.
8. I had a wild obsession with LOL Cats.
9. I went to Utah, where I relearned how to drive, grew to dislike airports more, and discovered I have a Minnesota accent.
10. In July, I had an awesome holiday and brought up critical issues about the university.
11. I got a job and reflected on Christmas.

This year, I would like to:

1. not get divorced while student teaching and going to grad school.
2. not get into four car accidents.
3. become a more patient and understanding person.
4. get a job.
5. find $1,000,000 in my mail box in an envelop addressed to me.
6. get closer to people I've missed during the last year.
7. visit Sweden.
8. go to lunch with my parents more often.
9. receive payment for my good looks, charm and incredibly amusing jokes.


  1. So all in all, not too bad of a year, right? :)

  2. And of course you will visit Swe.