Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer! v. IV

I have completed my fourth annual Summer! CD. Although, I haven't posted my previous three playlists on here, so technically, this is Summer! v. I for you all. My favorite still seems to be the Summer! v. II, which had such songs as "Sunshine Of My Life," "Aruarian Dance," and "All Summer Long." And let's not go in to last year's Summer! CD. A total disaster that had quite a bit of potential, but went through so many revisions by July that I simply gave up. I hope this year will be more successful. The thing I like about this year's mix is that it's so happy and warm. I listened to it today driving to my parents'. It was fabulous.

I like having one mix to carry me through a season, for some reason. Then when I listen to the CD, months and years later, I can go back to that exact moment in time and feel like I was there. For example, v. II reminds me of being with my cousin for her wedding and the night before driving around Minneapolis and having dinner by the Mississippi at St. Anthony Main.

Here is the Rapidshare link so you can download the playlist if you feel like it. The playlist, and videos, are below. What's sad is that I actually want to do the dance that Hall and Oates do in their music video when I hear that song. Oh, to grow up in the 80s.

1. "Say Hey (I Love You)"- Michael Franti and Spearhead (All Rebel Rockers)
2. "Sweet Johnny"- Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (Gorky 5)
3. "My Father's Gun"- Elton John (Elizabethtown Soundtrack)
4. "Anti-Western"- Camera Obscura (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi)
5. "Cocaine Blues"- Johnny Cash (At Folsom Prison)
6. "Lollipop"- Mika (In Cartoon Motion)
7. "That's Not My Name"- The Ting Tings (We Started Nothing)
8. "My Best Friend's Girl"- The Cars (The Cars)
9. "Baby I Love Your Way"- Big Mountain (Unity)
10. "Only The Good Die Young"- Billy Joel (The Stranger)
11. "You Make My Dreams Come True"- Hall and Oates (Voices)
12. "Funny Looking Angels"- Delta (Hardlight) I couldn't find a video for this one.
13. "I'll Wait For You"- Sherwood (Sing, But Keep Going)
14. "Summer of 69"- Bowling For Soup (Let's Do It For Johnny!!)
15. "Don't Be Shy"- The Libertines (The Libertines)
16. "Bide Your Time (Acoustic)"- The Courteeners (St. Jude)
17. "Blue Eyes"- Cary Brothers (Garden State Soundtrack)
18. "Age Six Racer"- Dashboard Confessional (The Swiss Army Romance)
19. "Sea Of Love"- Cat Power (Juno Soundtrack)
20. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World"- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Ka'ano'i)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Substitute teachering

I've had a rather diverse teaching experience over the last year. Subbing has been great for several reasons. One is that I get to be someone different everyday. Two is that I get to see a lot of different schools and see how they function. Here are some notable experiences:

1. Of course my seventh graders. I adore them. Cute and friendly and still actually wanting to learn. A couple of them have tried to add me as a friend on Facebook, but I just send them messages back. One boy wrote to inform me that an inside joke that was created between me and a student (and his class) is still going on. It made me smile to think that they still think about me.

2. Of course my 11th graders. A lot of these kids were kids I taught last spring since I was back at the same school. Even though I was only there covering for one teacher for 6 weeks, I got close to a lot of them. Two girls brought me girl scout cookies on my last day. There isn't a better gift than that. The best part about my 11th graders is that I still sub once in a while at that school, and when they see me in the hall they yell my name, invite me to chat with their friends, joke around, and one once nearly tackled me to the ground for a hug. Another good thing about subbing at this school is that I'm familiar with it. I've subbed a few times for one teacher and her kids have taken to saying "hello" to me in the halls and/or making fun of me when I can't remember their names. I'm learning I have the grandma name disorder bad. I mistake kids that have the same hair color, same facial structure or the same color shirt. It's not okay.

Here is a list of teachers I've been (and possible anicdotes) in the last few months:

1. Industrial tech- me and 30 boys. You can only imagine the awkwardness and stares.

2. Dance/Ballet- one student actually asked if I would be teaching them. I nearly cried from laughter.

3. 7th grade science

4. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12th grade math (apparently math teachers get sick a lot)

5. Special education- I got to be good friends with one boy who insisted I return for cooking day.

6. ELL- A boy once tried to talk shit about me in Spanish and I turned to him and said, "Entiendo Espanol." I've never seen eyes get so wide before. O_O

7. PE- I got to do archery. Very fun. I feel hardcore now since the student teacher taught me how to shoot. I'm not bad at it either!

8. Physics- I'm sorry, what do I need to know about centripetal force?

9. Social Studies- basically English without books.

10. Band/music teacher- a boy I had for social studies was in two of my classes that day. I heard him several times tell students, "Hey it's that teacher with the perfect grillz!"

I think that's all. Really, I hate subbing more than anything. But I'm trying to remain positive.