Monday, January 26, 2009

I just can't get enough of myself, really

I had to, well not had to, but a friend tagged me in a note on Facebook and so I had to respond. Feel free to list your 25 as well. I like hearing about my friends and family as much as I like hearing about myself (although you'd never guess that from this blog. IT'S ALL ABOUT MEEE!!). Anyway...

25 Facts, Goals, Habits about myself:

1. I like to smile.
2. I like to laugh.
3. I'm good with money.
4. I would like to have a real job.
5. I'm good at making friends and meeting people.
6. I trust these four people fully: Heather, Hayley, Toni and Chuck.
7. I wish I was more patient and understanding.
8. I wish I knew how to be selfish enough to take care of myself.
9. As much as it may not seem like it, it's hard for me to be around large groups of people.
10. I can't see myself doing anything other than what I went to school for. Ever.
11. I am comfortable making fun of myself and letting myself get made fun of.
12. I sucked my thumb until I was 13 (which is a large reason why I got braces when I was 18).
13. I still bite my nails.
14. I like eating when I'm with friends.
15. I get irritated when people thank God instead of giving credit to the people that actually did something in any given situation.
16. I think everyone, and their beliefs, deserves to be treated with respect.
17. I wish I was more religious, but know I probably never will be.
18. I have a difficult time reading or watching movies just for entertainment value.
19. I search for meaning and value in everything.
20. I hate the insane amount of involuntary personal growth I've gone through over the last couple years.
21. I've always been told I look young for my age.
22. I've always been told I act old for my age.
23. Almost everything is a painful reminder of something.
24. I think there are very very very few people that mean or intend to do harm to other people.
25. I try to see the good in everyone and everything.


I found this in my favorites the other day. A friend and I used to play this game a lot. We also used to incorporate the word roflcopter into our everyday speech. While chatting with a friend a couple days ago, it slipped out. For a second, I had to think about what it even meant because I hadn't used the phrase for so long. Then I remembered that I was a nerd and had nothing better to do in college except play silly flash internet games made out of l33t sp34k. Maybe I'll try to work it back into my vocabulary. I already present myself as somewhat mediocre by using the phrases "jk" and "lol" in my conversations. I can't seem to get the stink of nerd off of me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Italian Soda

I just went to make dinner and found out I was slightly short on the amount of milk I needed. Luckily, upon opening the fridge again, I found some. Not so luckily, I shut the door and a bottle of my roommate's Italian soda fell from the top of the fridge to the floor, putting a hole in the cap. The problem was that I didn't realize what was happening until pink liquid began furiously spraying my face.

I didn't know what to do, I just stared at the bottle as it lay on the floor, spraying every square inch of myself and the kitchen. I was a little inclined to laugh. The bottle was huge, and apparently had been shaken violently or the tumble to the floor angered it quite a bit because it seemed like a river busting down an old dam at sunset.

For a moment, I thought I could leave it to spraying my kitchen. It would become somewhat of a tourist oddity and I could make money showing people the strawberry geyser of St. Paul. Come one, come all! Only $5/person to see the amazing pink spray that has mysteriously taken up residence in an apartment kitchen!

But then I came to my senses. The bottle, as mentioned before, was ginormous. It looked as though it could continue to puke its contents all over my kitchen, much like a scene from Ghostbusters, for days, possibly weeks, maybe even months.

I quickly picked it up, causing myself to get sprayed in the face even harder, and shoved the hole in the cap down the sink drain. I looked around the kitchen. An entire wall, the fridge, stove, dishwasher and most of the counters and cabinets were victims of the massacre, not to mention myself. I went to shower. When I looked in the mirror, I had pink highlights in my hair.

I dedicate this blog post to my mom, who once, moments before a party she was hosting, opened a bottle of carbonated water, only to have it explode in her face, hair and on her clothes. I can no longer tease her about that day.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Year in Review. My Year in the future.

Here are some choice moments from this last year:

1. My ex-husband shot himself with a nail gun.
2. I went to an Obama rally, and froze my ass off.
3. I came to fully realize my mad love for Rick Beach, which I confessed in an assignment for class.
4. Lisa and I made a touching video.
5. I gave my dog up for adoption.
6. I got naked in the front seat of a car.
7. I played kickball and made a video.
8. I had a wild obsession with LOL Cats.
9. I went to Utah, where I relearned how to drive, grew to dislike airports more, and discovered I have a Minnesota accent.
10. In July, I had an awesome holiday and brought up critical issues about the university.
11. I got a job and reflected on Christmas.

This year, I would like to:

1. not get divorced while student teaching and going to grad school.
2. not get into four car accidents.
3. become a more patient and understanding person.
4. get a job.
5. find $1,000,000 in my mail box in an envelop addressed to me.
6. get closer to people I've missed during the last year.
7. visit Sweden.
8. go to lunch with my parents more often.
9. receive payment for my good looks, charm and incredibly amusing jokes.