Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama Your Mama

Friday, February 1

6:30 PM: Nathan and I discuss plans for the rally over the phone. Decide to get to the Target Center around 12:00-12:30. We are mocked by Nathan's friend because we are obviously too excited.

Saturday, February 2

12:30 PM: Arrive at Target Center. Not really surprised the line runs to the end of the block. We decide to get in line right away instead of going for drinks/coffee. Perks of the day thus far are:
-opting for a small parking lot further away to avoid traffic (a very wise choice)
-landing only $5 parking in said lot
-weather is relatively mild for what it has been in the past weeks

12:35 PM: Shocked to find the line runs clear around the Target Center, down 7th St. and over the 394 bridge. No worries, we still get in line.

Here Nathan and I are walking up 7th St. The new Twins stadium is to the right.

12:50 PM: Utterly shocked to find we have to walk into north Minneapolis to get to the end of the line. Our spot is across the street from Mary's place and Sharing and Caring Hands--in case we get hungry and need some free soup. We resolve that all is not lost as we can still sort of see the Target Center.

Nathan and I holding our tickets up. There's no way there could be 15,000 people in front of us; Nathan counted.

1:30 PM: Beyond utterly shocked to find the line has now wound almost all the way up to Lyndale Ave., around the trash incinerator and far past our line of vision. The doors were supposed to open now. We have no way of knowing if they actually did. Receive a text message from Elizabeth that reads, "Obama your mama." During this time we see:
- a boy wearing shorts
- a cute little girl wearing pink cowboy boots
- a group of students wearing only sweatshirts, clearly underdressed to be standing in the cold for two hours
- an overall very pleasant and excited crowd
- masses of people still walking towards the back of the line

1:40 PM: We take two steps towards the Target Center. Nathan and I do a happy dance.

That white thing is the Target Center. We took two steps towards the 5th Ave. N. sign. Also, the street sign in the middle of the picture is separating the people already waiting in line from the people walking to the end of it.

2:15 PM: We traveled up 7th St. and have finally made it to the back of the Target Center. We have also lost feeling in our toes.

2:25 PM: We stand under a heating duct for about 2 minutes. I have not known much pleasure greater than at this moment.

2:40 PM: We have finally left the cold, have been frisked and are in the process of finding seats.

4:00 PM: Obama finally takes the stage. I nearly faint...twice. During this time:
-I finally eat something so my arm no longer looks tempting (I eat the only thing left: nachos and Mountain Dew)
-Nathan and I sing along to some 60s music
-a band plays music I've never heard
-R.T. Rybak speaks. I'm too excited to listen to much. I choose to save myself for Obama.

5:00 PM: Nathan and I conclude that we would like to have Obama's children.


I have no voice from screaming. My hands hurt from clapping. I'm absolutely exhausted. Hands down one of my favorite experiences.


  1. That's freakin HILARIOUS! I knew that the line was going to be long...but seriously!!! Well, kudos to you both for making it a fun, positive experience.

  2. It shows your true commitment to change. And, hey... Thanks for putting my show at the top of your links. It makes me feel so special!

    Take care,


  3. Wow, thanks for posting this, Maggie! You and Nathan r so cute :-)

    PS. I got a crush...on Obama.

    But also one on Hilary! (That is why i didn't vote in the primary.)

    Oh, this is Jessie. I haven't figured out how to change my username yet.

  4. I love your documentation of this event. Your pictures, especially of the long, winding line, are great. I wish I could have been there.