Thursday, December 25, 2008


I haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry to the two people, including my mother, who read this. Here are some good things that happened in the last month:

1. I got my figure skates sharpened and I plan on trying them out in the next week at the St. Paul winter carnival.

2. I've had a great experience with my seventh graders. In the last few weeks we've gotten even closer and it's been wonderful. I got some really thoughtful and meaningful gifts from my students.

Here are some not so good things that happened in the last couple weeks:

1. My last day at my long term sub job was done on Friday.

2. I got sick again for the third time. The problem is that when I thought it went away, the next day I came down with a cough. I had a cough for two weeks. And not like a little crack once in a while. It was a constant coughing all day every day. Finally, on Tuesday afternoon, my voice quit working halfway through the work day.

3. On Wednesday I finally caved and went to a clinic which sent me to an urgent care/hospital in case I had pneumonia. I didn't. But my cough still lingers.

4. On Tuesday morning on my way into work I hit a patch of ice on 35, spun out, hit a guard rail and ruined my car. And I mean ruined.

My life has not been too fun in the last week. But there are a couple things that have made me smile. I have posted my favorite part of the Charlie Brown Christmas. I always cry when Linus tells Charlie what the meaning of Christmas is. I needed this perspective at the end of this week.

I also watched this part of Elf. It made me smile. Its meaning is not quite as profound. But I still cry when I watch it. It's still funny to me.


  1. Here were my thoughts as I was reading this post:

    1. Yeah! She posted!
    2. I wonder if she counts me as one of the two people?
    3. Awww...students can actually be sweet sometimes. I hope she finds a job soon. She deserves one.
    4. Coughing sucks. When Tim and I were sick and literally laying on our backs watching movies for 4 days, he actually said, "At least we don't have a cough. That sucks."
    5. I'm sorry about her car! That's not a happy Christmas present, but I am very glad that she is alright. It reminds me of that BMW commercial that shows the "birth & death" dates of the smashed up car, and then the "birth-" of the people who lived through the accident. If I were a person who cried at commercials, I would cry at that one.
    6. Yeah! I love the Charlie Brown Christmas. That's my favorite part!!!
    7. I'm beginning to understand why she gets along so well with 13-year olds. ;)

    Love you!

  2. Hi Maggie!
    Well if Lisa isn´t your mother(and it doesn´t seem to be so), then you have at least three people following your blog. And one of them is from "the old world".
    To bad about your car. But i´m glad you are OK! You know - there are people right now who really longs for people bying new (or at least newer) cars.

    I have a need for a english speaking teacher here in sweden. It is only a 10 % job so i guess it is not really what you are looking for, but i hope it will work out for you with a new job.
    Keep posting on your blog - I check it out every week.