Sunday, April 27, 2008


They use the term "short answer" like it's a one sentence response. Here's a break down of yesterday's exam:

2 hours, handwritten
3 scenarios
3 essay questions each
Random multiple choice questions

Also, I have a cold and didn't finish in time. Freaking awesome.

I went out to a fancy place with friends that night. I brought my dress and shoes to change at my friend's place before we left . But I was running late (stupid test), so I basically parked my car at my friend's, grabbed my clothes and jumped into her car. Before she could ask why I was still in jeans, I just started changing in the passenger seat. At this point I wasn't sure what else to do. My friend stared at me, obviously a little surprised. All I could think to say: "Less staring and more driving."

At the restaurant, everyone said I looked so cute. I told them I spent hours trying to look nice for them all.


  1. piece of cake... :D

    come on.. you must have looked gorgeous after changing in the car. that reminds me of some James Bond movies, where he comes out of the car in his tux after some improbable adventure. I wonder whether your friend drives an Aston Martin...

  2. Yes, that is the closest person to my personality and lifestyle, which is why I alluded to changing in the car. I didn't want to brag about how much I'm like James Bond, so I try to be subtle about it.