Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I haven't been writing much lately. I've felt slightly uninspired in recent days. I miss my wittier and more charming posts like my one on rules at the university or my three post series on Utah. I also kind of miss the ones in which I address my personal growth or the ones that included some amount of depth or perspective. Maybe I'm just too pretentious, or my standards are too high. I'm not sure.

Today, I did yoga for the first time in about three weeks. I love not doing it for a while and then going back to it. My favorite is when I move from upward facing dog to downward facing dog and I can feel my back adjust in three different places. I like the good hurt my legs and arms feel. I like looking at my yoga mat that has an adorable paisley print on it.

Every part of me loves yoga. Well, every part except my knee. My right knee enjoys giving me warnings that if I keep up doing yoga I'll be needing replacement surgery much sooner than I orginally planned. If I've gotten nothing else from my mother, I've inherited her bad joints. But actually, in her defense, my bad knee may have more to do with a rough fall on the ice when I was 15 rather than bad genes. I generally just tell it to be quiet and that my back needs the exercise more right now.

There is one part of yoga I don't like. That is my stability ball. I have a terrible time staying on it, even when I'm just balancing on it motionless. I think it may do that to me on purpose. It likes to see me fall off of it. Meet my nemisis:

Notice how I posted the picture in black and white for added dramatic effect. Makes it look extra evil, doesn't it? The ball is actually a pinkish red color. The ball is slightly too large for me even though it's the smallest size available. I've had it for two years now and I keep gradually letting more air out of it but it still doesn't seem to be the right fit. Oddly enough, while Lukey was visiting in July, he found the ball and thought it was the best toy ever. I took it outside with him and we played with it in the yard and driveway (take that, you lifeless piece of rubber).

I need to shower now. Apparently I sweat a lot when I do yoga.


  1. well, apparently you haven't lost your wit.
    this is a charming post....

  2. I smiled my way through your post here. My back is suffering right now after a stressful move from San Francisco to North Carolina on the heals of traveling around Asia with a gearcase and a giant suitcase. I have a yoga room in my new house and I just shot almost the exact same picture of my ball the other day. Freaky! Anyway, I like your writing and your use of descriptive images. Found you through AC's site. I'm going to keep up, so get inspired and keep posting!...I like this little community AC has acquired.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment! I do hope you enjoy my posts. Sometimes I forget that other people read them. And yes, AC has definitely developed a nice community to create and share. I admire that about him.