Sunday, August 3, 2008


No, I haven't died! I needed a slight vacation from writing after my class.

Yesterday, I got to buy milk. This is a big deal for me because I love cereal, and macaroni and cheese and chicken a la king. Well, it's actually not a big deal because of the food I like. It's a big deal because I've been living with bad milk for the past three weeks.

The people whose house I live in bought me milk while they were grocery shopping a few weeks ago to be nice. And they are. I very much appreciated it. I had breakfast with them the next day with said milk. I happily poured it over my Frosted Flakes and dove in, only to find out through taste alone that it was 2% and not skim. Yes, I like blue milk. I grew up on it and that's what I'm used to. You know that part in the movies when someone bites into something terrible and they don't want to be rude and spit it out so they struggle to eat it? That was me that morning. I don't know how my dad drank whole milk growing up. I think he's lying when he tells me that.

Since I still didn't want to be rude, and partly because I didn't think I had the money to be so wasteful, I didn't throw the milk out after they left. Every day I'd open the cupboard and my box of Frosted Flakes would tell me to have a bowl. Then I'd open the refrigerator and there would be the 2% milk staring me down. I quickly grabbed my blueberry jam and had toast instead.

This went on for two weeks. Yesterday, the 2% milk passed its expiration date. I actually said out loud, to no one, "Oh sad! I can't drink it anymore," and then poured it down the sink.

Look how good my cereal looks with skim milk:

In other picture news, I seem to be on a Frosted Flakes binge. They are giving away Indiana Jones themed spoons. The scooper part lights up. If the power ever goes out at midnight, I know what to grab. I've gotten three of them so far. I gave one to Lukey. I threw the other away. I'm considering sticking this one in the garden like a shovel.

Look at how happy I am to be eating my cereal with skim milk this morning. Actually, this was at one in the afternoon, but you get the idea. And yes, my Frosted Flakes are "grrrreat!"


  1. lol.. really cute! (well, maybe I's pass the cute on the spoon..)

  2. I agree with the dork comment, but hey - it takes one to know one! Maggie, have you ever read the book Squids will be Squids? It is a picture book, and I think you would love it. We have a copy, and if you wanted to meet for coffee (or a beer) I'll bring it and you can laugh.

    Do you make your own chicken a la king? What is your methodology for the royal dish?

  3. Ann- Yeah, I think I'd go with the dork one too. I haven't read the book. Meeting would be nice :)

    I do make my own chicken a la king. For every cup of milk, you'll need two tablespoons each of butter and flour. Melt the butter first over medium heat, then mix in the flour, and then pour the milk over. Stir regularly until the butter/flour mix and milk combine and thickens. Add whatever you like to it. Since I don't like anything, I usually just add a baked chicken breast and salt and pepper. Better eaters may want veggies and whatnot though. One cup feeds about one person. It's pretty good :D

  4. Dude. Mac & Cheese with 2% is AMAZING. If it is Spiral Mac & Cheese, it is DOUBLE AMAZING.

    P.S. I think it's super cute that you took pictures of your cereal. That's dedication to blogging. Seriously.