Monday, October 27, 2008

Wit from my students

I didn't think I'd like seventh grade at all. Through my entire graduate program I told myself, and anyone stupid enough to listen, that I was a high school teacher, the older the better. But I'm finding I love my students more and more. I've only been there a couple weeks but we've really connected. They laugh at my jokes, most likely because they don't know better, and I laugh at theirs. They want to talk and share and want me to know about them. They especially laugh when I tell them they need to stop talking because I'm the cutest thing in the room. Don't think I don't say it.

This last week we've been writing papers. And this weekend, almost all of it, I spent grading papers from my students. I teach the same class five times throughout the day and have about 160 students. It was a long weekend. I laughed myself to tears at one kid's paper though. I ran and showed it to my roommate Jessie, another English teacher, and she laughed too. Lisa, you will love this. The last two sentences of his introduction are exactly as follows:

Do you want to enter the rest of the fun-filled story with more exciting events about my ping pong experience? KEEP ON READING!!!!!!!!

My feedback:

This is a good introduction. And, while the last two sentences are cute as can be, in an academic paper it wouldn't be very appropriate. You made me :)

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  1. cuteness! i observed in a 6th grade classroom today. a student sharing his story started it off with: "Hi. My name is Luke. Don't try anything in this story. Trust me. I did get hirt."

    Spelled just like that :)