Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ode to a Top Five

Meaghan has started a new blog. However, she is certainly taking her sweet time in sending me the link. So when she finally stops being lazy, or her husband lets her have the computer, I will post it on the side. And, as you can see, I remembered how to do that (aren't you so proud of me).

She told me her blog is something like lists of top five. If you've seen High Fidelity, then you'll understand...especially knowing that this is Meaghan's favorite movie. She wants it to be interactive and I'm sure I'll be posting some obnoxious or asinine comments on there. So, if nothing else, you should check it out for a good laugh and/or to make fun of me.

In honor of the Top Five theme, I have posted my Top Five Quotes by Meaghan:

1. "See, what we need is a Feudal system. Where are the surfs?"

2. "Next time you get to decide when we almost die."

3. "Homophone: you know, 'homo' meaning to listen? Oh no, wait... that would mean Nathan likes listening to sex."

4. "So I couldn't get the bathroom door locked this morning, and all I could think was, 'Oh...the door is smarter than me.' So I said, 'Do you think the door would take the test for me?' And Maggie says (transitioning to her lower, crabby voice), 'Only if it'll take it for me too.'"

5. "I'm seriously going to make my sister a shirt that says, 'Doctors are sadists who like to play God and laugh at the lesser people's pain.'"

For those of you who haven't seen High Fidelity-I know, Meaghan: hard to believe-I have posted a short clip that includes one of the many Top Five lists in the movie.


  1. (Maggie, I know this is your blog, but I have a question for Meaghan): Would your bathroom door know who the f*#& Horatio Alger is? Cuz Nathan & I sure as h#$@ don't.

  2. OH MY GOD! I KNOW! Meaghan and I both said the same thing when we walked out! So much for keeping things in the realm of general knowledge.

  3. I love 90s movies when the main character can clear a metropolitan area (and consequently raise drawbridges!) just to give a "state-of-mind" monologue. Brilliant!/Odd!

  4. I laughed to tears at this post. Here is the much anticipated blog site:

    What else would it be?