Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh the Places You will Go

Okay, so this only took me like three times to figure out. First Picasa2: a little overwhelming at first, not going to lie. Second: once I was able to get the Html for my lovely collage onto my post, I couldn't figure out how to uncenter my writing. So I finally figured I should type in my response first, and then upload the picture. Take that, Google!

This collage of photographs represents the places I've been in the past few years and what they have meant to me. I've come to realize how much I have grown and changed over the years and each picture represents something I've learned about myself. For example, the picture of me standing underneath the Cheers sign signifies my love for Massachusetts. After searching for someplace else I might possibly want to live, outside of Minnesota (which probably isn't likely), I have come to find that I am a New England girl. I fell in love with the smell of the salt water, Boston and Salem, the history and how surprisingly green it is.

The picture of me with my friend Toni, stylishly drinking out of the double water fountain, represents the beginning of my independent wedding cake career outside of Lunds (that God forsaken place learned me something after all). We slaved together making six French cakes for her roommate's wedding, and this eventually led to me making my cousin's wedding cake. Meaghan can attest that this was quite the sight to be seen in my kitchen for two weeks (nobody be alarmed, it wasn't really a cake--I just frosted Styrofoam shaped like cake--so no one ate two week old cake). Anyway, her roommate had their wedding at a really cool place, The Soap Factory, which is this abandoned factory/quirky museum filled with paper mache walls (see photo below the water fountain), strings of aspirins and randomly placed and sized water fountains running water. This place has made me come to respect and appreciate modern art in all its awkward glory.

The picture with my cousins, just next to the water fountain one, represents how close I have become to them. We often refer to each other as sisters and I'm not sure what I would do without them. They really have become a strong support for me in my life. And they put up with, and include, me despite being the youngest and imitating Monty Python with the coconuts from The Holy Grail at both of their weddings. Sober.

The two pictures below my cousins are to show my growing interest in photography, although I'm beginning to think I am just lucky to take reasonable pictures once in a while. The black and white one of my good friend, Jenna and her husband, was actually taken on a disposable camera (professional photographers around the world are cringing, I know). The second was taken on a regular old Olympus. One day, I will venture to use my Canon Rebel and take real pictures.

The final two pictures of myself with Nathan, and with Elizabeth and Meaghan, are put in to represent how much the cohort has influenced my life. It has given me a group of friends who, despite their efforts, have similar interests, from book clubs, politics, career choices, broomball and all day...get-togethers...the day before unmentioned holidays. I love the Listening Coyotes.

Also, I accidentally created a very similar post earlier. I think I deserve double points.

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  1. Maggie,

    I clicked on a few blogs and found your image presentation the most unusual in terms of format-- good idea and nice work! Are the polaroids an effect? I'm not familiar with Picasa; maybe you could clue me in a little, I mean, when we have some free time. Snort.
    I also appreciated your explanation of each photo-- who knew you were a wedding cake baker? Not me! I included some explanation of my photos on my blog too... I wonder, does our inevitable gravitation to alphabetic text defeat the purpose of a visual text assignment?