Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Argh!

No really, I know my family is crazy. But they're a good time. We had a pirate themed Easter this year. It's a good thing Jesus came back from the dead, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten together. Two cool things occurred at said party: I stole my parents' camera for the afternoon so I took some pictures and got some old ones, and I played Guitar Hero for the first time (thanks to my awesome brother). One disappointing thing: my aunt Michelle did not make her to-die-for cheese-croissant dish/thing. I saved myself for days in anticipation!

On the plus side, in stealing the camera, I finally have a picture of the cake I made for my cousin's wedding that doesn't looking like they are shoveling it into their mouths.

I know, you all want to get married now.

Anyway, back to the Easter festivities. We brought Vivi (short for Violet), as I accidentally mentioned out loud we were going to visit my parents. She, being the intelligent dog that she is, understood and went crazy...because obviously that meant she was going too. When we got to my parents', my aunt was in full pirate costume mode and startled my dog so much that she began barking uncontrollably. Now that's a costume!

Here's an adorable picture of all of us, minus my dad, Hayley and my dog. My aunt is the one in the red stripe and crab springing from her head. I swear, the inflatable guy crashed the party.

My cousin made some bread with hummus, Irish cheese, peppers, onion and broccoli that was quite good. I don't have a picture of that because this is not a cooking blog. But take my word for it: it was num num delicious.

Seeing as we are all Lutheran (which means we think Jesus is cool, we're just not very strict about it) our prayer went as followed at dinner: "Here's to good eats, good family, yay God, let's eat!" Rather than end on "amen," we all said "yay!" I wish I could say this was planned. Shortly after dinner the real fun started. My brother busted out his Guitar Hero. Sibling bonding began.

Bet you couldn't tell we're brother and sister.

Here comes the random showing of family playing Guitar Hero.

Hayley playing Van Halen's cover "You Really Got Me"

My weak attempt at "Sweet Child O' Mine"

Heather playing "Message in a Bottle"

"Sending out an SOS!"
I'm sorry Andy, you rocked "Free Bird," but I still think Lynyrd Skynyrd sucks. Don't worry, we can still be friends.

Mike having a go at it.

Two tired girls in a picture.

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