Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maggie "Still Prefers Minneapolis" Q. on Yelp!

In another desperate and shallow attempt to try new technology and forms of communication, or more realistically, to make myself feel important enough that other people would want to listen to the crap that voluntarily, or involuntarily, comes out of my mouth, I have joined Yelp!.

My mom is probably wondering why I've joined a website for dogs. It's a website where you can rate venues, restaurants, etc. across the country. My profile/site/whatever is http://maggiemae.yelp.com/. Second Life BFFs will be slightly amused and feel somewhat special knowing that reference. Also, Philip, you should join and we should be friends. You'd be into this. And you'll gain a better understanding of Minnesota, since I told you that Grain Belt was actually a decent beer here. Oh lolz.

I've made my first mistake already, and that was to list my present zip code in St. Paul, rather than my previous zip code in Minneapolis. I realize this is not critical, as the cities are so close I could probably shoot my friend Meaghan in south Minneapolis with a BB gun from my apartment in St. Paul. But I still have a stigma against St. Paul. I prefer to be associated with the urban, edgy and trendier part of Minnesota. I know most of you are laughing at the idea that any part of Minnesota could be one of those three things, but Minneapolis is that. Minneapolis has a lot to offer in terms of the arts, theaters, food, culture, and, if you piss them off, they may shoot you at the end of the night. And, while St. Paul is a big city with stuff in it, it seems to lack the excitement of crime, mysteriousness, rows upon rows of bars, restaurants and night clubs. A conversation I had with my roommate not too long ago, sums up St. Paul:

Me: St. Paul seems to be a very pretty city, but they don't have much here.
Jessie: Yeah, they have some stuff, especially over by the colleges.
Me: Do they have any night clubs?
Jessie: Not that I'm aware....
Me: Do they have any good restaurants?
Jessie: Izzy's is a good ice cream shop.
Me: Uh-huh...

Anyway, back to Yelp!. Once I'm signed up and filled out their little profile thing, I have to choose a place to review. Friends will attest to my indecision when it comes to deciding on a locale for the evening, not because I'm indifferent to where we go, but because there are so many places (in Minneapolis) I really, really, like going to. So I thought about this for a while. I could do Psycho Suzi's. Of course, everyone and their brother would have guessed that's the place I'd choose. I wanted to be a little surprising. Then I thought I could do the place where you'd find me every Wednesday night: Downtime. I opted for someplace I haven't been to in a long time. What is it? You'll just have to go see.


  1. Edward from heavenMarch 4, 2009 at 10:25 PM

    ohhh who's your second life BFF?!

  2. indeed... who might him [them?] be?