Thursday, February 26, 2009


In the last year, I keep having this dream:

My parents own a home with around 100 bedrooms on a nature reserve-type setting. I know it's mid spring because there aren't quite leaves on the trees yet and the grass is still brown, but I'm happy it's getting warm. They are having a family reunion or large party of some kind and I want to get a good room for my boyfriend and I (although I have yet to formally meet said boyfriend in my dream). But, by the time I finish helping my parents set up and cook and clean, there are only a few rooms left, and as I search for a room, I keep running into, and trying to avoid, family I know. It's not determinant on how I feel about my relatives in reality, I'm just on a mission to find a kick-ass room.

I walk through several bedrooms. Here is where I'm impressed at my imagination's creativity, because I remember in great detail what all the rooms look like. They are all different colors and each has a different ambiance and lighting. My mom will be happy to know that even in my dream, her house is spotless. Some rooms are oddly shaped. Some rooms have very large windows with views of the woods outside, but these rooms also have no door or wall separating them from an adjacent room. Some rooms have no windows at all. There are a couple bedrooms I check out that have very large bathtubs in them. I seem especially excited about this. They are not like normal bathtubs and are also oddly shaped. Some are really shallow.

Ultimately, I never actually get a room because of two things: First, I can't decide if I want a room with an oddly shaped tub, or a room with large windows. Second, the mission is totally side-tracked when I run into my four younger cousins who have been frozen at age 10. They want to explore the upstairs, and we find a room that looks old and abandoned with a huge door. We open the door to find a ladder (of course we climb it). There is a large red and gold jewelry box that I open and a phantom or demon is released. It causes a panic between the five of us and we race down the ladder. Later, I returned to the room with the door and climbed the ladder. When I opened the box again, the spirit goes back in the box and then I wake up.

What is striking about this dream, beyond the fact that I seem to have issues with personal hygene, finding a place to sleep, and ghosts, is that I do way more thinking than speaking. It really isn't until the end, when I meet my cousins, that I speak. Most of my dream is me walking from room to room, thinking about each room.

Another weird part about this dream is that I have it so infrequently, that when I wake up, I don't initially remember having it before. I have it just often enough for me to make a blog post about it so everyone can question my sanity.

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  1. Edward from heavenMarch 2, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    You're friend with me, that should me enough for you to question your sanity!!