Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the words of Marcus...

"I was having a shit time at home and a shit time at school."

Life does not seem to be doing what I want it to right now. If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I've always wanted things to turn out the way I think they should. Case in point: when my mom was pregnant, I was so sure I'd have a sister that when my brother was born I announced that this was the wrong baby; I had a sister. I didn't have a problem with the fact that I had a brother, I was more frustrated that life wasn't cooperating. Not much has changed. I still get frustrated. Why does life need to be so uncooperative? I feel like I have no escape from this either. I don't like school much right now, I don't like being home alone right now, and I don't like being with people right now mainly because I feel like an awkward jerk no matter where I am.

This morning seemed to be a little better though. After a month of feeling like someone was about to hit me with their SUV (sometimes I'd look up expecting to see the headlights), the sun was out for the first time in a week and it felt warmer. I made myself a mix of self pity music. I share it with you today because I like it, also because I'd like your opinion on one of the songs ("Let's Go Bowling") that I've been obsessed with since last summer but haven't sat down to think about what it actually means. Do the work for me, please.

1. "Simple As It Should Be"- Tristan Prettyman (I don't know who the people are in the video)
2. "Car Crash"- Cloud Cult
3. "Walking By"- Something Corporate
4. "Let's Go Bowling"- Camera Obscura (This video kind of sucks, but this is the song)
5. "Lazy Eye"- Silversun Pickups
6. "Whistle For The Choir"- The Fratellis (I fell in love instantly with this song)
7. "Anecdote"- Ambulance Ltd.
8. "Books Written For Girls"- Camera Obscura (I have a slight obsession with this song too)
9. "Viva La Vida"- Coldplay (Yeah, yeah, I know I'll get crap for this. I think this is what the Les Miserables should sound like)
10. "Freakish"- Saves The Day (I think this video ruins the song)
11. "Sad Eyes"- Josh Rouse (I couldn't find a better clip-it's an adorable song though)
12. "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight"- The Postal Service (I find it difficult to listen to this song during the day)
13. "Pretty Voice"- Cloud Cult
14. "No Other Way"- Jack Johnson
15. "So Here We Are"- Bloc Party
16. "Fake Plastic Trees"- Radiohead
17. "The Best Offence"- Pony Up! (I couldn't find a video for this)
18. "Fade Into You"- Mazzy Star
19. "You Were Right"- Badly Drawn Boy

Now, what do you think "Let's Go Bowling" is about?


  1. Can't say that I get what it's about but then again I'm Swedish. Good song though.

  2. Hugo's master?? Hugo is the CUTEST dog I have seen. Swedish beagles are way better than American ones.

  3. Lars The "master" of HugoMarch 30, 2009 at 3:50 AM

    Hi Maggie! He sure is cute. It's hard not to give him what he wants when he looks at you with thoose sad puppy eyes. It's probably more correct to say that he is the master of me. :)

  4. Hope things go better for you.