Sunday, February 22, 2009

With love, Maggie

Dear St. Paul,

It has come to my attention that you are unaware of how to handle yourself when it snows. Last night I had the misfortune of needing to go to the Mall of America (as it is the closest place that has a Baby Gap). Normally this drive would be about 15 minutes. However, given the light snow, since it is Minnesota and February, it took me nearly an entire hour. While I do understand it was snowing rather heavily for a moment, I feel that I need to remind you that it is Minnesota and February. Given the unseasonably warm weather we've been having, I'm a little forgiving of your surprise and unpreparedness for the storm (I can't bring myself to call it a blizzard since it was under six inches) Friday evening.

However, when I attempted to drive across the metro Saturday morning, I found it practically a miracle to get out of St. Paul alive. Don't get me wrong, you do an excellent job at plowing the freeways compared to Minneapolis. Even as I was driving through north Minneapolis on 94, I saw one of the poorest moments of snow plow planning at 10:30 am: five snow plows driving all in a row blocking every lane on the freeway. Cars were literally stopped from Dowling Ave. all the way to the 94/694 junction. As I drove up 94 towards Maple Grove, I couldn't help but laugh at the unsuspecting drivers heading into Minneapolis.

Regardless of what Minneapolis' actions may be after snowfall, I feel that your inability to plow the side streets and main roads after such a trivial accumulation is inexcusable. Also, I would like to know why you decided to neatly plow out every sidewalk before taking on main roads where heavy, large and fast moving objects slide all over the place. While I do find that sliding and losing moderate control over my vehicle can be fun at times within reason, I don't think it's safe when there are several cars in close proximity and when I need to be someplace in one piece. I would like to know what your proposed solution for this is. My suggestion is that, since it is Minnesota and February, you choose to plow out the streets before you let the sun do the work for you. Or, if the snow is becoming too tiresome, might I suggest moving to a warmer location such as Florida?

Best wishes,



  1. :D... you may not move St.Paul to Florida but you may come to California in mid-June... at least for a couple of days.

    See ya!