Friday, February 1, 2008

Cloud Cult

I am posting this because I know my mom would love this and cry. I hope you like it! I really did.

Thanks, Nathan, in advance for the best of mix!


  1. Your MOM likes this blog and wants to know how you were able to understand Grandpa so good since you were only new him for such a sort time and you were so young. You have a talet for picking out the good in everyone and putting it to words.

    Hope you have fun at the rally today. Listen with your mind at not your heart. Politics is not about what feels good put what is right for this country so that it continues to be a leader for all of the world.

  2. Hey, guys, just to keep the torch burning: I went to caucus in St. Louis Park and I think the Obama/Clinton ratio was about 20:1. Hope our main man pulls this thing off!