Saturday, August 15, 2009

Apartment searching

There is a sick addiction in looking for apartments. I like looking at the pictures of apartments and homes. It's like a puzzle trying to find someplace that has everything I want, namely off street parking and AC. It's a game to find the best apartment for the cheapest price. My goal in finding an apartment this time is to get the first month free with a low deposit. I'm successful so far.

I'd like to live in a duplex. However, this is proving to be more difficult. Especially when it comes to finding air conditioning. In a couple weeks I will say AC doesn't matter, but since it's been 90 degrees for the last three days, I'm feeling it's a little critical.

Also, did I mention I'm excited to be moving back to Minneapolis? I am.

I am a bit bewildered by some apartment advertisements. Many advertise things that really should come with any apartment. For example:

Our apartment features:

Really? Are there apartments in which I would need to provide my own fridge? This concerns me a little.

One landlord seemed apparently irritated to be leasing out the property. His ad went as follows:

Here are the answers to the top stupid questions:

Do you have pictures? No, if I had pictures, I would have posted them.
What is the deposit? One month rent.
What utilities are included? None. Get a job and pay for them yourself.

There was also a phone number to call him for a showing. Needless to say, I didn't write it down. Something tells me he's not going to get choice tenants.

Google has really been helpful though. All I need to do is search for the apartment complex, and a map pops up telling me where it is and it has a link with reviews of it. One apartment I was interested in had 29 (29!) bad reviews. And when I say bad, I mean embarrassingly terrible. It didn't get more than two stars on any review. I felt bad for the place. Five reviews stated they had both mice and bed bugs. Seriously, bed bugs? I wasn't aware those things even existed in the 21st century. What do they have, hay for carpet? It's Minneapolis, not a barn.

I'm concerned for my future living conditions.

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