Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Close Talkers

One of the moms at work is loud, and a close talker. The loud part is just annoying, especially when I like to remain in a half asleep daze until about nine or ten in the morning. Her crashing and yelling makes it difficult for me to maintain a healthy glazed over expression.

But really, I can live with the noise. It's the close talking thing that creeps me out beyond all reason. Even the people I know and love I prefer at a comfortable two feet distance. On her second day of work she actually walked up behind me, looked over my shoulder and rested her head on it. I swear, if she needs to ask a question she stands six inches from my face. I've noticed I habitually start leaning away when she approaches me.

Today, I made a joke while she was about a foot from me and she laughed,which caused her to spit. On my face. In my eye. And I'm not talking about a couple drops. I did all I could not to gasp. The Mexican woman I work with saw it and did though. I quickly walked away and wiped my face off. My right eye does not feel okay.

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  1. geez. some people never learn. i mean, i get that we need to teach 12-year olds about personal space...but middle-aged moms???