Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No, I really do have a crush on Obama.

Remember when I went to the Obama rally in February and how Nathan and I wanted to have his babies? Well that was NOTHING compared to last night!

Nathan, Elizabeth and I got to St. Paul at about five. And seeing as how Nathan and I were experts at Obama rallying, we felt it was our duty to reassure Elizabeth that walking for miles down crowded city streets to find the end of a line that really doesn't seem to have an end, is completely normal. This time, however, we came prepared with community snacks of carrots, peas and sandwiches, as well as an Us Weekly.

Nathan's friend and Elizabeth's friend joined us after a couple hours of waiting in Rice Park. Not only did this add to the political bonding, but the three of us came to find out that both friends received luxury box seats through work for the rally. Still not sure we were going to get in we amused ourselves for the time being by making an unruly amount of "that's what she said" jokes about which friend had the best box and making fun of the cops on horses.

It was also through waiting in line that I realized that Obama has the best name to pun. A girl near us was wearing a shirt that read "Barack the vote" and bumper stickers were being sold that said "Barack and roll."

As we approached the doors, we were told we could not bring any bags or umbrellas (it didn't rain, thank God) into the building. People threw their rain gear onto a couple of pine trees outside. We wondered if the umbrellas would be there after the rally.

We landed seats in the Fox Sports Net box which had soda and TVs running CNN and best of all, it was on the first level. Talk about awesome! I can't even begin to describe the energy in that place. While we waited for Obama to give his speech, we watched the CNN broadcast of the primaries and Clinton giving her speech. The few of us stood around the TV, watching in anticipation in a way that I can only relate to the Y2K New Year. It was this hushed excitment that made you pace. It made you ask stupid questions just to hear other people. It made you call your parents from the box to tell them where you are (which I did). During this waiting time, ads were being played for Obama. The "Yes We Can" music video was played. Nathan said he still gets the chills when he sees it. I cried.

After the rally we walked out and decided to check out the umbrella tree out of curiosity. Nathan and Elizabeth's friend decided that they were entitled to take one. We were the reason the umbrella was still not in the tree after the rally. Go figure.

Nathan trying to talk a stranger into taking an umbrella.
The speech: amazing. Michelle Obama: the next Jackie Kennedy. Barack Obama: well, I think everyone knows where I stand on this one. Nathan and I: still wanting to have Obama's children.

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  1. I'm very happy for you Maggie, but most of all I'm happy for the US. A change is possible. Let's hope now the other "side" of the democrats don't play dirty.
    Best wishes to all of you.