Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have concluded that I have too many things. Not like too many things as in too many shoes, too many clothes, too many papers from ten years ago that I'll never need. But too many things as in what I will most likely need later, but not right now.

I've been packing my life away it seems like today. To be honest, I was expecting this to go quicker (or easier) because I'm not a pack rat. I'm not someone who needs to keep more than one copy of the same sheet of paper or book just because (okay, to be fair, I do have two copies of Jane Eyre, but that's because it's just that good of a book that it would warrant two copies). I don't keep useless or broken crap just for the sake of never knowing when I might need it. In fact, I'm actually the person that will throw everything away and then next week want to know where it all went because I need it.

I can see why people want to go digital so badly now. I have too many CDs and too many pictures. But I really don't have that many CDs and that many pictures. I just don't feel like packing them and taking them with me at this point. I'm sick of moving, even though I'm very excited to be at my new place in a couple weeks.

I guess I just imagined having a few boxes, my laptop and a couple suitcases with all my clothes (yes, I can fit almost all my clothes into two suitcases) and that would be the end of it. But no, I have movies and music and pictures and kitchen stuff and living room stuff. AND BOOKS. I have three overflowing boxes of books alone. I have books that I didn't even know I had. Where did they come from? I actually asked myself that four times while I sorted through them. I'm not complaining. But seriously, for the sake of moving, I should have reconsidered my major in college.

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