Saturday, December 15, 2007

To: Red Forman

Dear Dad,

I hope you're doing okay. I went Christmas shopping today. I think even my hands began to swell after being in the mall for too long.

I thought of something you might like. It is in this blog: an early Christmas present from your dearest daughter, who never ceases to impress and amaze you. It is a music video about Barack Obama. I know you probably think I sing this song every day because I love him so much, but I really don't. Honest. I thought this would make you smile and think fondly of the family liberal...I'm really not that liberal...well I guess compared to you I am.

And so, as I stood in the middle of Borders, wondering what you would hate more: a calender of John McCain, a calendar of Hillary Clinton, or a "Countdown to 2008 Bush" calendar, I thought maybe I should go easy on you this year. So, part of your present is to show that I have a sense of humor about my own political opinions, not just one at the expense of yours. Merry Christmas!

Your Daughter, who you love despite her being brainwashed by the liberal media and liberal university

P.S.: Which calendar would you hate more? Because that's the one you're getting.

1 comment:

  1. My dear daughter. Here are my thoughts.
    Hillary = wicked witch from ooz. Should be under a house.
    McCain = idiot. good for dart board and under a house in ooz too.
    Countdown to 2008 Bush. He's not Ronald!!!
    Save your money and buy lunch for your self. I would just have to buy some darts to though at the pictures on the calendars.
    Other than that I love reading your blog.