Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top ways not to write a paper, or how I became an expert in procrastination

I have been assigned a 10 page paper on gender construction in children's and adolescent literature. Believe me: it's as exciting as it sounds. The class ended last Friday, so you can imagine how checked out I am in regards to this paper. So here are some ways I attempted to avoid writing. Tonight:

1. Facebook: the god of all methods of procrastination. There is a reason this was only open to college students initially; Facebook's only purpose is procrastination from studying for exams and writing papers. I swear, in the last hour I've logged on three times. In a day, I may generally log in three times (if I'm especially popular).
2. Make a pizza. Nom nom nom.
3. Bitch to your roommate about everything you hate in alphabetical order, and then listen her list.
4. Bake cookies. Do not forget them though.
5. Three hole punch every sheet of paper in you backpack and put them neatly, in order, into a three ring binder (something to consider before the class ends).
6. Look up APA citation even though you already know how to do it.
7. Ask to borrow select cds from your roommate.
8. Pandora. Assume that all the music they play is terrible and create an entirely new playlist. Preferrably one that makes you so happy you dance away from the computer, or makes you so sad you sit and cry for a while.
9. Complain that it's too cloudy to go for a long walk.
10. Sit by a window and wish you were healthy enough to go for a long walk.
11. Plan the route of said long walk.

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  1. Procrastination you say? I can give you plenty of competition there, if I get around to it. Soon I'll tell you about the new internet game I've found. Especially since second life has grown so dull of late.