Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life from the east side

I seem to complain a lot about St. Paul. I do like it. I found out today that my landlord wants to sell the condo, thus forcing my roommate and I to find a new place to live in October. Sad. I was starting to like it here a lot.

Even though the thought of leaving Summit and Grand in St. Paul makes me sad, as well as the cringe-worthy thought of moving my stuff AGAIN, I'm getting used to the idea of moving back to Minneapolis. That may be where I'm headed. I like St. Paul, but the drive is a little crazy. Also, I seem to like fearing for my life some. I do like the feeling of safety where I'm at now. But sometimes I miss the crudeness of Minneapolis.

The other day I was getting gas. I went in to pay and was tempted to get a pop. As I was walking to the back coolers, an old man who seemed hardly capable of walking moved in front of me, saying, "Hey baby, you look damn good!" At first I wanted to hug him for making me feel like I was back in Minneapolis. But I instantly realized that would be gross and he would not think I was hugging him for the same reason I thought.


  1. Then I know what words to use when you arrive... :-)
    I'll tell the other guys in the line to (Hugo included).

  2. The evil master of HugoApril 29, 2009 at 4:10 AM

    Cute as he might be, hugging is not one of Hugos strengths. So not much competition for you there Per. :)

  3. This reminds me of my first trip to New York City at age 19 having lived all my life in small town Virginia. We went into a delicatessen and when I wasn’t ready with all the answers snap, snap, the guy at the counter was really rude, in that thick abrasive New York accent. I wanted to thank him (no hugs) for that genuine NYC experience.