Sunday, November 25, 2007

Minnesota in a Nutshell

Okay, to be honest, I completely missed that we were supposed to write about a podcast a couple weeks back (I know, not the brightest bulb on the tree sometimes). So here's my blog on podcasts.

I will be up front: I love Kevin Kling. Not only is he ridiculously funny, but his stories have as much reflection as they do humor. He is able to take his comedic and artistic sides and put them together to create entertaining and meaningful stories about his life. I think his stories are useful in classrooms such as creative writing, speech or even a unit on narrative writing because his stories have a clear beginning, middle and end that students can incorporate into their own work. He is able to weave sub-stories into the over-arching one to add meaning and humor, specifically in his bit about prayer. Most of his stories are in podcast form on under the "All Things Considered" program. You can also download them on iTunes by going to his website

It's important to know that his career as a storyteller began after a near-death motorcycle accident, paralyzing his right arm, and his lifelong disability MD, effecting his left arm. My favorite story is "My Brother's Bachelor Party." I recommend checking it out if you enjoy baseball at all, or even have some vague familiarity with it. The story I have here is "Tips on Winter Survival from a Minnesotan." Maybe I'm the only one that finds this funny. Maybe it's because it is so true to Minnesota winter. Or, maybe it's because I tried to bury my brother in a massive amount of snow when I was little too. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I was a trick-or-treater during the blizzard of '91. I was a fairy. In tights. Yeah, I still went.

Tips on Winter Survival from a Minnesotan (Windows Media Player)
Tips on Winter Survival from a Minnesotan (Real Player)

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  1. I used to put snow down my brother's coat. I wonder why he lives in Texas now.